Ice Cream Sandwich

Drizzly Sunday's are for genius pairings: ice cream-stuffed chocolate croissant with a beautifully poured, delicious latte!

We love being in the heart of Winston-Salem ... we are proud to have been raised here ... and growing our family here. 

Stop by to relax, sip a crafted coffee or pick up an unparalleled assortment of smile-inducing pastries. 

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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Unique Pairing

Sunday is one of our favorite days ... we hope you'll drop by to see why!

In this photo is one of our newest combinations: Raspberry + Asparagus + Parmesan ... yes, you read that correctly (the sweetness of the raspberries with the saltiness of the parmesan combined with the asparagus makes for an amazing morning treat).

Begin each day with Atelier.

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The Triad's Best

THANK YOU for selecting us as a runner up in this year's: Yes! Weekly Reader's Awards!
The categories where we received recognition:

Best Bakery!
Best Coffee in W-S!
Best Breakfast!
Best Dessert Menu!
Best Chef in W-S!
Best Pie!
Best Free Wi-Fi in W-S!

We work tirelessly to ensure you receive a comfortable and rewarding experience each and every time you visit, but ... the ambiance, the baked goods, the decor ... are all nothing without you. 
Thank you for showing up each day ... thank you for continuing to support us by purchasing pastries and coffee ... thank you for embracing my family and letting us become a part of yours. More than anything, we love getting to know you, we truly cherish our connection to the community ... and finally ... we are honored that you consider us among the best in the Triad!

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Sitting here in a room filled with beautiful, delicious, and truly one of a kind pastries we are minutes away from opening ... and wanted to be sure to pause for a moment. 

Today is a special day where we are grateful for the opportunity to say THANK YOU for everything that our moms have done, and continue to do for us ... from kissing our boo boos to helping us take care of our own children. Without the unwavering support of our moms we certainly wouldn't be here. Thank you for everything you continue to do for us each day!

To the rest of you out there ... when you are trying to think of an amazing gift for your own moms ... we want you to come to Atelier! We have amazing scratch made desserts and exceptionally delicious pastries ... all made with great care to ensure each one is as near perfect as possible. They don't cost too much, you don't need to figure out how to make room in the curio cabinet, and they will really make your mom happy (we promise)! Just opened the door ... and you're showing up excited (see photo I just took)! Now ... to work ... we hope to see you soon :)

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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Perfect Pastry

Perfectly delicious pastry just out of the oven!

Happy First Friday!

Come visit us today ... we're open late tonight! Walk around the neighborhood with a cup of our fairly traded coffee and a truly one of a kind pastry ... or just hang with us here and listen to some live music. We're delighted to welcome Francois Byers on keyboard with a buddy of his on guitar!

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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