Ice Cream Sandwich

Drizzly Sunday's are for genius pairings: ice cream-stuffed chocolate croissant with a beautifully poured, delicious latte!

We love being in the heart of Winston-Salem ... we are proud to have been raised here ... and growing our family here. 

Stop by to relax, sip a crafted coffee or pick up an unparalleled assortment of smile-inducing pastries. 

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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Summer Strawberries

I know ... I know ... It's not exactly summer. 

But look at these beautiful strawberries!

Picked this morning from The Farm at the Children's Home (just a mile and a half from us) ... the berries are a perfect ruby red and bursting with flavor!

What to do with them ... well ... first a classic. 

These local berries are happily placed atop a cloud of delicately whipped cream over an ethereal vanilla bean angel food cake. Could anything be better?!

Classics are where we begin the season ... keep tuned to see where we end up!

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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