Ice Cream Sandwich

Drizzly Sunday's are for genius pairings: ice cream-stuffed chocolate croissant with a beautifully poured, delicious latte!

We love being in the heart of Winston-Salem ... we are proud to have been raised here ... and growing our family here. 

Stop by to relax, sip a crafted coffee or pick up an unparalleled assortment of smile-inducing pastries. 

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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Unique Pairing

Sunday is one of our favorite days ... we hope you'll drop by to see why!

In this photo is one of our newest combinations: Raspberry + Asparagus + Parmesan ... yes, you read that correctly (the sweetness of the raspberries with the saltiness of the parmesan combined with the asparagus makes for an amazing morning treat).

Begin each day with Atelier.

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Fig Orange Goat

Our featured pastry is Atelier's classic, "Fig, Orange and Goat Cheese" ... specially made today with Johnny and Robin Blakley's Traditional Farmstand Chèvre, from their Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery, in Germanton, NC.

My family had the pleasure of visiting their farm yesterday, and were happy to see their Nubian dairy goats running and playing in the pasture ... well fed, clean and healthy!

This combination is an Atelier original, and should certainly be tried (if you haven't already). Subtly sweet, well balanced, creamy and delicious, this pastry using local chèvre is spectacular (and probably won't be around long). If you're looking for a great way to support local ... you should drop by for one of our, "Fig, Orange, Goat Cheese" pastries ... then head out to Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery to stock up on their cheese!

Begin each day with Atelier. 

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